The earrings I make are created from a three stage process of designing with porcelain and gold and silver


Each design in my small collection has a unique story behind it. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most fascinating places, most recently the Middle East, Kenya and Southern Italy. All are filled with inspiring natural elements as well as distinct cultures and traditions. Exposure to this variety of life has given me an appreciation for diversity in design and the beauty of imperfection.

I also trace my inspiration back to my Japanese heritage.  Japan's unique aesthetic, with natural forms and subtle, understated beauty has been the foundation of my designs. Growing up in Devon, surrounded by  nature, encouraged me to retain an element of wildness and spontaneity in the shapes I create, meaning no two designs are ever exactly the same.

My porcelain beads are created with intricate techniques and decorated with gold leaf and complex glazes. These beads are paired with quality gold elements. This pairing allows me to achieve classic and original designs that stand the test of time, both in terms of look and durability.


I make and decorate all my beads by hand in my Devon workshop. I use a white porcelain paper clay. This clay is stronger than normal porcelain when moulded into fine shapes due to the small paper fibres.

Porcelain paper clay is very special. It allows for very detailed designs and shapes, taking on the most complex patterns and retaining their shape. It is also more durable and lightweight than normal porcelain, making it the perfect material for making comfortable and durable beads. Some of my porcelain beads are decorated with gold leaf.



Drop Earrings: I am currently using 9ct gold hooks and 14ct gold filled pins as the core elements to build the earrings. I then also add 9ct gold beads and rings to embellish my designs. These gold elements are good for sensitive skin and will retain their gold colour. 

The gold elements used to build and embellish my earrings are sourced from the UK’s largest 5* rated shop for jewellery makers. 


Stud Earrings: I use 14kt gold filled posts and scroll backs for the gold studs. All silver studs are sterling sliver. 


Hoops: I use 22K gold plated sterling silver hoop earrings.


My Story

I started making porcelain jewellery with gold elements in 2017. When I’m not making jewellery I work in an international NGO in the humanitarian department.


At the age of 16, I went to study in an international school with students representing over 90 different nationalities. This experience gave me a curiosity about the world and I have since studied, lived and worked in 9 different countries.

All the places I visited gave me many creative ideas that I want to channel. As the daughter of two potters, clay was a natural medium for me to use. But it wasn’t until my father started using porcelain that I discovered a real passion for the design and making of beads. The inspiration I took from my travel found an outlet in jewellery making, in particular, earrings.


My two areas of work - ceramics and humanitarian - are distinct. However, the work I have done with NGOs has undeniably influenced me to find a creative outlet to maintain an emotional balance. Using art as a form of relaxation and therapy has given me stability and joy, often when I’ve been processing difficult experiences.

10% of all the small profits made through selling my jewellery go to Art Refuge UK, an art therapy charity working with people who have been displaced.

All the rest is reinvested into growing the business to allow me to continue to make.